Persian Rugs

Our wide range of genuine Oriental hand knotted rugs covers all Persian rug-producing areas.  All the way
from Turkey to Iran/Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan to India and Nepal.

The unique quality and originality of hand knotted Persian rugs has developed over thousands of years. The traditions have been handed down from generation to generation, and each family has its own well-guarded secrets regarding colors, patterns and knotting techniques.

Nomadic rugs

The nomadic rugs are knotted by travelling nomads. The nomads are following their grassing animals on a journey approximately 2000 km each year. As a couple of examples it is worth to mention the Ghasgai- and Afshar-tribes.

Village rugs

The village rugs are knotted in smaller villages, in which the different families typically use their rug production to supplement their primary income. One of the most important areas is Hamadan. Surrounding the town of Hamadan is more than 1000 villages, each with their own special patterns and colors.



Workshop rugs

The workshop rugs have the highest density of knots. Because of that it is possible to show more details in these rugs. The rugs are knotted by professionals and the patterns are often custom designed. The workshops are located in the larger cities in Iran, and the rugs are named after the city in where they are produced. For example, Tabriz, Qhum and Ishfahan.