Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs is the fairy tale where the Oriental and the European worlds meets in perfect harmony.

Rezas Oriental and Modern Rugs was founded in December 1991 under modest conditions: A boxroom as a warehouse, a rented van and Reza at the wheel. However, things went fast: On the second customer visit I got a great order – it was on the amount of 7.516,00€ – that was what I expected to sell the whole month!

Just a few years later, we got our breakthrough and since then we have only been moving forward. The department store Magasin, was let down by their supplier. In less than 24 hours, we procured rugs of such high quality that a co-operation with Magasin and other of Europe’s largest department stores was set.

Over the last 25 years, we have become Northern Europe’s largest importer of oriental rugs. The market has changed a lot and so has the consumers buying behaviour. We now have an exclusive and attractive assortment of high quality modern rugs together with our oriental collections. Our platform on the internet is strong and we have many loyal customers using our B-2-B webshop every day in their sales work.
In cooperation with our customers, both big chains, wholesalers as well as small specialist shops, we do our best to improve.

Trust and quality is our keywords. Trust in our suppliers and competent employees. High quality and a convincing sense for market trends are the main reasons why we are a preferred partner.

Our co-operation with some of the leading companies in Europa and their extensive codex for ethics and the environment explain why we can show the greenest and most human profile in the trade.
Our modern production and water treatment plant secures that the green line production will continue.

We are looking forward to add new chapters to our history in cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees all over the world.