Who is DIS?

DIS Interior has become a concept among people with very good taste. In our two stores, located just a stone's throw from each other near Stureplan, is a balanced home furnishings catalog. 

The stores are different from each other so it's a good idea to visit both. DIS collection includes a crossover blend of European quality furniture, and ethnic details from all over the world. Some of DIS products are designed and manufactured directly for DIS, while others consist of handpicked products, manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen from London, Amsterdam, Paris, Cape Town and other selected places in the world. The special mixture of different styles from an exclusive collection; a warm and restful, yet passionate and inspiring environment that is characteristic of the DIS.


Gabrielle Jangeby owner of the two stores, is a decorator and designer. Today she runs the two store in Stockholm, together with nine employees. Besides the stores, they also provide interior design services for both private homes and public spaces.

Before Gabrielle opened her own shop in interior design, she worked in the fashion industry as purchasing manager for Sweden's largest Draper. She traveled for several years around the world in search of inspiration for the latest trends. 

While traveling with other projects, Gabrielle also finds time to be inspired. Fundamental to her work is that every décor reflects an impression or a subpoena from any special place - perhaps Miami, New York, Marrakech, or Saigon. 

Gabrielle's belief is that the design of furniture, fashion and fabrics have flowed together into one unit. There is close cooperation with different designers around the world for product development. Design often come from Paris and London, while production often takes place in countries where the craft is done by tradition. Bohemian in Paris, designed with humor from London and cool loft living a la Manhattan, New York. Hand-knotted carpets from Jaipur, leather chairs made by saddler in South America and handmade lamps in hand dyed silk designer in London are just a few examples. Her own design and production are branded DIS Limited. 



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