Cooperating with Reza’s Oriental & Modern Rugs

Reza’s does more than just sell high-quality rugs; we offer various product-related services that make life easier for our distributors and small-scale customers. You can read about these services below.

Vores showroom

Our showroom

Northern Europe’s largest showroom with rugs is open for you at the address Unsbjergvej 20, Odense, Denmark.

As one of Reza’s customers you are welcome to come and personally choose your collection of unique rugs in our showroom. You are free to choose among 70,000 to 100,000 unique rugs from our warehouse.

Our competent in-house sales team is ready to guide you around anytime and give advice on the rugs and perhaps help you choose exactly the rugs that meet your demands.

Just call us and make an appointment. If you need a place to stay overnight, we are happy to help you with the booking.

Vores B2B webshop

Our B2B webshop

On you are free to select your rugs and have them sent directly to your company or your customer. We deliver worldwide.

Our webshop always holds a range of 6,000 to 10,000 rugs and it is up to you to focus your search to get precisely the rugs you are looking for.

Registering as a new customer is easy on In a short time, you will gain access to many options, and you can also use the site as a presentation and sales platform when interacting with your customers.

Vores edi løsning

EDI solutions

We offer extended cooperation opportunities to selected customers in selected markets, i.e. a webservice solution that allows our product categories to be integrated in the customers’ webshops.

This requires an extended cooperation and extra obligations; in return, the selected customers will have their share of the big work we do in relation to photos and text materials.

Please contact Reza’s sales department for further information.

Logistik og dropshipping

Logistics & dropshipping

We cooperate with some of the most important players in the global marked for logistics and dropshipping. We can check out prices and terms for all supply options. We customize the solutions together with the customer.

Sourching af produkter

Sourcing of products

From our Odense-based office we find solutions to most of your product demands. We have a wide trade interface on all traditional markets for rugs – Iran, India and Pakistan in particular. Please feel free to contact our sales/supply team if you wish to buy products, if you have special orders or developments.

Together with our sub-suppliers, we will always do our utmost to rise to the challenges as regards volume and quality.

In-store materialer

In-store materials

At Reza’s, we are constantly endeavouring to develop contemporary materials for our rugs. If you – as one of Reza’s distributors or as an interested potential customer – should need this kind of service, please, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to assist you.